The more I climbed them, I kept falling in love with mountains..

After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. -- Nelson Mandela

A pioneer destroys things and calls it civilization. -- Charles Marion Russell

“If we can learn anything from Lord Ganesha, it is: Be sincere and care no one in the line of duty.” ― Mohith Agadi

I got a piggy bank and the goal was to fill it up… -- John Paulson

Every painting is a voyage into a sacred harbour. -- Giotto di Bondone

Hope is the pillar that holds up the world. Hope is the dream of a waking man. --- Pliny the Elder


Be sure to take the lens cap off before photographing. --- Elliott Erwitt

Arrange whatever pieces come your way. -- Virginia Woolf

Those Subjective Eyes...

Touch me not...